10 Best Sad Anime That Will Break Your Heart

Anime is a Japanese virtual computer art that places extreme attention on bringing stories, actions, and emotions to life.

It has a unique ability to display individuality, emotion and struggles with a large chest. Although we can enjoy all anime categories, some sad anime break our hearts.

These shows depict the depth of sadness and separation, capable of touching our hearts and awakening our inner inspiration.

The sad story of a character shown in sad anime and their separation makes us feel the love of our personal life.

Our mind engages with their struggle, thrill and tragedy, so that we connect and empathize with them.

In this blog post, we will tell you about the “10 best sad anime” that will break your heart after watching them. Here is what we will cover in this article :

Grave of the Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies
Grave of the Fireflies

This is a wonderfully sad anime that follows the story of a brother and sister during World War II. Through it we realize the value of life, the importance of family and the distraction of war.

Grave of the Fireflies” is a sad anime film set during Japan’s Second World War. It is shown in the film that what is the effect on the lives of Seita and Setsuko, who are suffering from war and starvation.

This film tells a painful story. The struggle of Seita and Setsuko, the prayer of their love and protection, and the vicissitudes that come in their lives give us a chance to fight.

Through the middle of this film, we understand that what innocent lives go through during war and how their dreams and wishes are destroyed.

This film touches our heart and takes us along, giving us a feeling of the harshness of the lives of those children and being influenced by their strength.



This sad anime is a family drama that deals with love, loss and struggles. It is a wonderful story that will touch you in the depths of your heart.

Clannad” is a heartfelt and emotive anime about love, family ties, and life. Its protagonist is a student named Tomoya Okazaki, whose life is tormented by spirits.

He is suffering from loneliness and is fighting with a strange family.

Clannad” makes us experience the story of a brave and close to life. In this, the visions of love, food and emotions are also presented. It compels us to think about social issues and specific problems.

The special thing of this anime is its character’s anger and its expression. The story of Clannad follows the path of our faith, understanding and the importance of family.

Therefore, Clannad is a sad anime that connects with people who want to disturb the deepest elements of life. It helps us to understand the problems of life, the truths of love and compassion.



This is a love story which is always going to touch your heart. In this you will find a beautiful exhibition of different emotions as well as fun and comical relationships.

Toradora” is a romantic and sentimental anime that focuses on the themes of love and friendship.

The story of this anime is between a boy Takasu Ryuji and a girl Aisaka Taiga. Their association begins in small, where both have lived a personal life of hardships.

But their lives take a sudden turn when they come across each other and start seeing each other.

It gives us an understanding of how and what happens in life between happiness and unhappiness and how we understand our sensitive feelings.

This anime depicts how we understand relationships in life, nurture them and grow ourselves. We are in the society that sometimes we can get the true happiness of love and real life through suffering and sensibility.



This sad anime tells the story of a viewer dealing with the struggles and disappointments of a new life.

Naruto” is an anime focused on military and social issues. It is shown that a young man, Naruto Uzumaki, faces the challenges hidden inside him and the truth he brings to his friends and society through his efforts and courage.

In Naruto we are in a dilemma that how to deal with the struggle and tension in life. It is visible to us that there is a spark inside every human being, which can emerge from the medium of our own strength.

The anime depicts the journey of a lonely young man, his social struggles with friends and foes, and the development of his individual talents.

From the middle of this anime, we are like a strange story, love, support and dreams are expressed in the body. Yah tells us that we are lonely and sad in life, but we can deal with our problems with the help of our inner support, courage and friendship.

Naruto helps us through the hardships, struggles, and possiblities in our lives. Yes we see that the real value of life is determined by our struggle and we can win by recognizing our inner strength.

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden
Violet Evergarden

This sad anime tells the story of a war medic who tries to manage his life outside his old hospital. Its deep story and illustrations will make you cry.

Violet Evergarden” is a fictional anime story based on the experiences of the protagonist, Violet Evergarden, through her struggle and personal development.

The story begins after a fierce war, When the war ends, and when it is separated, its original struggle begins. There is intense sadness and tension in Violet, which you try to understand and adopt.

There is a change in Violet’s life, when “Auto Memory Doll” is banned, the way it is used to express the feelings and experiences of people.

As soon as you get involved with the moments and pains of other people’s lives, you go on the path of understanding yourself and the world.

With the help of his slow development, he is successful in dealing with the problems of his own love, lost relationships and the importance of happiness.

Angel Beats

Angel Beats
Angel Beats

It is a sad anime that shows the remorse and efforts of a schoolboy after he commits suicide. It combines music, comedy and sad feelings.

Angel Beats” is a sad anime like we associate with sad anime because it involves serious emotions. This anime takes us to a world where the story deals with the vision of life after death.

In Angel Beats we are the protagonist, who wakes up in a strange world with the help of Yuzuru Otonashi. Here you will find that why many other people have died and the world is becoming a part of a new organization called “Afterlife Battlefront“.

It has been shown in this anime that people try to fill their dreams and face problems and situations with themselves. We see that every person has lost a lot in his life and where he is tied to his lost dreams and future.

Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories
Plastic Memories

This sad anime is an intriguing love story between a prophetic robot and his owners. This anime will always make you cry and make you think.

This anime takes us to a world where robots (Giftia) live a life alongside humans, but they have an expiry date.

In the middle of the story, we are obsessed with the struggle of the protagonist Tsukasa Mizugaki, who works at “SAI Corporation“.

When vehicles are sent for “Terminal Service“, they are used to work with expired Giftia robots. Tsukasa’s partner, Isla, is a talented girl who only has a few days to live.

“Plastic Memories” shows us how love develops between the person and the gift, knowing that over time the gift will have a life and end.

Understanding and personal relationships are compromised in this anime as one prepares to lose one’s lover.

Does the anime show how the importance of life has changed when time is cut short. It is our agreement that along with love, lost love and expressing happiness, one’s time is also important.

Plastic Memories” gives us an understanding of the value of time and inspires us to face personal hardships and struggles.

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Air Anime

Air Anime
Air Anime

This sad anime tells the story of a girl who has to deal with a mysterious disease. It details predictions, love and conflicts.

This anime tells us a heart-wrenching story that focuses on issues of love, loyalty and personal lost love.

The story begins on a sentimental note when the protagonist, Yukito Kunisaki, an airman searching for half-families, arrives in a small town.

Here he meets a small child named Misuzu Kamio, with whom he begins a journey of deep friendship and relationship.

Air shows us what a harrowing journey it is to find love, personal growth and being self-employed. Yukito is shown the development of his personal struggles and love with the different and sensitive women he associates with.

In anime we are shown how important love and personal lost love is in life and how it can be understood.

Air also shows us that both happiness and sadness have an important place in life. It gives us a glimpse of how a person’s ingenuity, talent and sensitivity develop while going through suffering and hardships.

Wolf Children

Wolf Children
Wolf Children

It tells the struggle of a single mother named Hana trying to raise her two children.

This anime tells us a story where a mother makes a lot of sacrifices in time and society for her unique children.

Through the medium of the story we are connected to the struggles of the protagonist, Hana, who happens to be the mother of a human and a wolf (wolf).

With Hana, we see how she tries to raise, understand, and learn from her children, while she herself is a de facto god-fearing story.

Wolf’s Children” shows us what it takes to make a mother’s sacrifice, the arduous journey to individual self-employment, and personal growth.

We are shown how a mother dedicates herself to her children and tries to provide them a happy life, even when she is faced with unique and unique circumstances.

Does the anime show us how important a mother’s love, sacrifice, and the hardships of being self-employed are?

It gives us an understanding of how love and family relationships make a profound impact on our lives and promote our personality development.

Yuru Camp

10 Best Sad Anime That Will Break Your Heart
Yuru Camp

This sad anime tells the story of being alone for a short time when a girl goes camping. This anime conveys a unique feeling of peace, freedom and prosperity.

Yuru Camp” is not a sad anime, but a cute anime that we don’t add to sad anime. Euro Camp is a cool and entertaining anime that proposes to pass our time in peace.

Euro Camp tells us the story of a small group who are passionate about camping. In this anime we have shown how they go camping in different places, enjoy communing with nature and enjoy traveling with each other.

In this anime we are shown happy situations, interesting personalities and a celebration of friendship. It is our agreement that small joys, peace and awareness are also important in life.

Yuru Camp” gives us an opportunity to connect with nature and inspires us to enjoy the experience of travel, friendship and happiness.


In short, these “10 Best Sad Anime” will make you feel the deep feelings, difficulties of love and hardships of life.

After watching these anime shows, your heart will break and you will never forget them. So, as a lover of sad anime, enjoy these shows and organize your feelings.

Also Leave a comment below to show which one is your favorite sad anime.

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