Top 10 Ash Pokémon Evolution Moments !

As we know, Ash never evolves his own Pokémon, but Ash’s Pokémon evolve by themselves.

While other trainers seek to evolve their Pokémon to make them stronger, Ash believes that Pokémon can become stronger just the way they are.

Still, we’ve seen a lot of Ash’s Pokémon evolve so far.

So, in today’s video we will be talking about the top 10 evolution moments of Ash’s Pokemon.

Millions of fans all over the world have been fascinated by Ash Ketchum’s journey in the animated world of Pokémon.

Ash has developed into a representation of bravery and development due to his uncompromising attitude and strong resolve.

Top 10 Ash Pokémon Evolution Moments !

So before starting the countdown, I want to make one thing clear that this list is just about my opinion.

So without wasting any more time let us begin. 😊

10. Kingler.

You might remember Ash had a Kingler or remember it’s development is one of the reasons behind it.

Ash uses Crabby in Ash’s first Pokémon League battle. The one who had not fought any battle till date.

And Krabby wins his first battle and then evolves into Kingler.

Well, it was quite a memorable moment for Ash as Ash uses Krabby in the first time battle to win the first battle of the Pokémon League. And at the same time, Ash’s Krabby appears to be evolving into Kingler.

9. Charizard.

The moment when Charmander evolves into Charmelion was not a special moment. Because it happens suddenly.

But we can never forget Charmeleon’s evolution into Charizard. When a wild arrodactal attacks Ash, Charmeleon evolves into Charizard.

It seems that Charmeleon evolves into Charizard to protect Ash, but this is not true.

Because Charmeleon evolved into Charizard to defeat Arrodactal. This means that charizard doesn’t care about its trainer.

But surprisingly Gigllipuff appears there and his song puts Ash and Aerodactul to sleep.

And the ash breaks free from the aerodactul’s grip and falls straight on top of the charizard.

But, the thing to see is that charizard was the first pokemon of ash in this series which was fully evolved.

And at the same time ash also gets a pokemon egg, that is why this moment was quite memorable for ash.

8. Glidescore.

Ash’s glideguard wanted to be nothing more than a strong Pokémon. But the Glideguard was very weak in terms of combat. Because he was very scared of fighting with someone.

luckily Gary Oak gives Ash the Razor Fang with which Ash’s Glideguard evolves into Glidescore.

But first Ash wants his Glideguard not to evolve just by using Razorfang, the boy himself earns his evolution by training hard.

But at the end of the episode, when Ash is falling down from Team Rocket’s balloon, GlideGuard goes to save Ash but it is too much for GlideGuard to bear Ash’s weight.

Then Ash throws Razorfang near Glideguard, with the help of which Glideguard evolves and saves Ash from falling down.

Along with this, Glidescore also gets a chance to show their strengths.

7. Crocodile.

We get to see this evolution when Ash or Iris battle each other in the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup.

Iris basically wins pretty much every fight with her Dragonite with ease.

But, that all changed when they met crocrock. But seeing the match, it seems that this fight will be lost.

But the match takes a U turn when Ash’s Crockrock evolves into Crocodile. and defeats Iris’ Dragonite to win the match.

6. Grininja.

Top 10 Ash Pokémon Evolution Moments !

If you have also seen the Pokemon XY anime series, then this series will be your favorite too.

Or you can say that the XY series story was built by having Ash’s Frogadier evolve into Greninja.

It begins when ash meets Sanpei or goes to the ninja village with him.

But then another ninja group attacks there, to take over the ninja village. Ash fights another ninja group with Sanpei.

Just then, in the middle of the battle, Ash’s Frogadier evolves into Greninja.

It’s certainly a memorable moment for Ash, but immediately after that we get to see the first activation of the Megaevolution power.

Although this evolution was not that perfect, but still it looked quite spectacular.

5. Sirfecthed.

This evolution is a very memorable moment in the Pokémon Journey series.

After being defeated by Rinto and his Glade. Ash or his farcheshed had only one goal, revenge.

For that, Ash or Farfetched go to Kammon’s training camp for hard training.

After mastering the Detect move. Ash and farfached prepare for their rematch with Rinto. But during the battle, rinto cuts the farfetched leek in two.

Ash puts his mind to it here and tells farchad to use parts of his leek as a sword and shield. After landing 3 critical hits, the Farfetched evolves into Surfetched.

With this, we get to see an amazing fight which Ash wins. And in the end Farfached succeeds in taking his revenge.

4. Talenflame and Noivern.

Top 10 Ash Pokémon Evolution Moments !

In pokemon series xy we get to see 2 equally epic evolutions.

We get to see Talenflame’s evolution while battling with the Legendary Pokémon Moltres.

When Moltres attacks Ash or his friends, Flagender evolves into Talenflame to protect them.

On the other hand, we get to see the evolution of noivern when Ash battles the Legendary Pokémon Zaptos.

When Zaptos hits Halucha with a thunderbolt, this little dude evolves into Noivern as in hurry to save halucha.

Or here we also get to see the epic battle of Noivar or Zaptos. But we don’t get to see the winner of this fight because of Team Rocket.

3. Lucario.

Now this is very special. Because Ash has always wanted to capture Riolu. And in Pokémon Journey we get to see Riolu next to Ash.

But when Ash is fighting with Chairman Rose, Ash’s Raylu evolves into Lucario. This scene is truly epic.

But at the same time of this evolution, we also get to see the epic fight of Goh or Raboot.

Or we get to see the development of Lucario and Cyndress in a single episode. Or else they team up with Zassian and Zamazenta to bring down Eternity.

This development in itself is so epic and memorable that we can never forget it.

2. Lykenrock.

While battling Olivia in her Grand Trial, Ash finds that his Rockruff doesn’t listen to him. Or it gets a bit icky.

Olivia says that Rockruff is probably going to evolve soon. But Rockruff gets very upset when he sees Rowlet sleeping in the middle of the battle and runs away from the battle.

Just then, Rockruff finds Tapulili, the island guardian. They appear to be having fun, but Tapulili badly injures Rockruff.

Tabi Olivia or Gladian’s lycanrock rescue Rockruff and Tapulili heals Rockruff with her powers.

And just after this scene, a green light appears, due to which the Rockroof evolves into a different type of Lycanrock. To which Professor Kukui names the Dusk Form.

Because till now everyone has seen the midday form or midnight form of Lycanrock.

1. Inceneror.

Top 10 Ash Pokémon Evolution Moments !

This moment is always powerful. Ash’s Litton had made Incinero her rival when she first met Mask Royal’s Incineroar.

And after the epic battle in Alola League. Toricat archives his goal. Or evolves into Incineroar after winning a battle.

Well if this had happened before the end of the Evolution Battle, we would have got to see the epic battle of Incineroar vs Incineroar but it did not happen.

But Ash’s torticot proved that even being a tortict can defeat Insane. Have you seen this scene, it is amazing.

The most memorable part is that the evolution of toricat will always be remembered by Ash as a reward for winning the battle.

And that’s why this development is the best development according to me.


Ash Ketchum is somewhat infamous for never evolving his Pokemon in the anime, so when he does, it is usually a big deal and major plot point.

According to me, Ash is right in believing that Pokémon can become strong as they are.

I think, We should learn the same thing in our life also that, it is wrong to see someone else and believe that he is better than us. Everyone is the same, just to achieve our goal, we should work with full dedication.

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