Moon Knight episode 6: When and where to watch the MCU series finale

The Marvel Moon Knight series is coming to an end, and while we’re eagerly anticipating Mark’s results, let’s first take a look at what’s happened so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What happened in episode 5?

In the previous episode, Mark’s history of traumatic childhood and abuse is revealed, which helps him reunite him with Stephen.

Later, and in a twist, the wall between Oscar Isaac’s two characters finally collapses when Stephen turns to sand, even as Mark is sent to the Reed Field.

What do you expect in episode 6?

There are no clear plot details available yet for the sixth and final episode of Moon Knight. The show has so far revealed Mark’s double identity, that of Mark and Stephen.

The creators are expected to finally close the curtain (for now) on the show after Moon Knight’s third identity as New York taxi driver Jake Lockley was revealed.

When and where will the last season of Moon Night air arrive?

So will Stephen stay the same? Will Mark have to overcome more impossible obstacles? We will have to wait a little longer to find out what fate awaits Moon Knight.

The final episode will premiere on Disney Plus Hotstar in India at 12:30 p.m. m. But even while you’re waiting for the final episode of Moon Knight, check out the latest trailer for the series that Marvel released two days ago to get audiences even more excited.

Can we expect the second season of Moon Knight?

No hints have been given yet by Marvel boss Kevin Feige or even any of the notable cast members regarding the same. But let’s cross our fingers, as they say. Moon Knight is the sixth Marvel Cinematic Universe series launched by Marvel Studios in its fourth chapter.

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