19 Amazing Ninja Hattori Facts That Will Change the Way You View the Show !

Friends, you must have seen the Ninja Hattori cartoon. I also used to watch a lot in my childhood, and I felt like a hammer when I heard Hattori for the first time. Because of which I used to wonder whether there is such a name, this is my point!!!

So friends, like other shows, this show has also been very famous among children. People are crazy about Hattori’s Ninja Technique.

And children normally keep on speaking ninja technique to do anything even while playing at home.

So today I am going to tell you some fun facts related to Ninja Hattori. By watching which you will come to know many different things related to Ninja Hattori, which will make you more crazy about Hattori.

  • Today we will know what is the real name of ninja hattori.
  • After all, who was Fujiko A Fujio?
  • And, what is the chocolate roll that Shishimaru likes to eat called in Japan.

So dont waste any further time lets get started.

19 Amazing facts about Ninja Hattori.

1. The one whom we know as Ninja Hattori, his real name is Ninja Hattori Kun.

2. The author of Ninja Hattori is Moto Abiko, let me tell you that this person is the same person whom we know by the collective name of Fujiko A Fujio. Fujiko Fujio is a moniker of two authors. In which Fujiko A Fujio is “Motu Abiko“. and Fujiko F is Fujio “Hiroshi Moto”. These two writers have written many other famous shows like Kiteretsu and Doraemon.

3. Motu Abiko wrote the Ninja Hattori manga series in 1964. Which lasted till 1988. Its anime series ran from 1981 to 1987.

4. A film has also been made on Ninja Hattori, whose name is Nin x Nin: Ninja Hattori-kun, the Movie. This film was made in the year 2004.

5. The author wrote the Ninja Hattori manga inspired by Hattori Hanzo, a real ninja from the 16th century. Who is known as Masashige or Hattori Masanari. He was the bushi of the Ega Clan.

6. Bushi means Samurai. Who also helped Japan’s ruler Tokugawa Ieyasu to become king. Just like his name is Hanjo Hattori, similarly the name of Ninja Hattori is Kanzo Hattori.

King Tokugawa Ieyasu
King Tokugawa Ieyasu

7. Hattori’s voice is dubbed by Japanese actress Junko Hori.

8. Shinzo Hattori is Ninja Hattori’s younger brother, who is seven years older. And he is only 3 years younger than Hattori. This means that Ninja Hatori’s age is 10 years in the anime series.

9. Shinzo is also sometimes called Shinchan in short. Shin is short for Shinzo, and Chan is used for small children in Japan.

10. Kenichi’s full name is Kenichi Mitsuba, his age is 10 years. Kenichi is a very common name in Japan. Or in Japan a healthy child is called kenichi.

11. ( Shishimaaru ) which is a pet dog, you may know it by the name of Shishimanu, it has been renamed due to Hindi dubbing.

12. The star on Shishimaru’s head represents the Iga Clan.

13. Shishimaru loves to eat chocolate rolls. In real life, that chocolate roll is a Japanese food called Chikuwa. Which is made from fish. In Hindi and English dubbing, chikuwa is called chocolate roll.

14. Yumeko is also a common name in Japan. Its full name is Yumeko Kawai which means Dream Child. And the word Kawai in Japan means cute.

15. Did you know that in the 1984 film Ninja Hattori-kun and Perman: Psychic Wars, Perman and Hattori come together to help a girl named Yuri. Whose homeland was destroyed by the goon of that film. And friends, Amara and Kiyo also help Hattori in this.

ninja hattori all major character
Ninja Hattori all major character

16. Hattori’s original anime series ended in 1988. But in 2012, the Japanese animation company Shen-Ei Animation made this series back with the Indian company Reliance Media Works. Which was named, Ninja Hattori-Kun Returns.

17. This series was shown on Animax and Assahi TV since 2013. Which was released after some time on Nickelodeon Channel in India, Disney Channel and Netflix all over the world.

18. The popularity of “Ninja Hattori” has increased due to the fact that it has been dubbed into many different languages and broadcast across many nations.

19. As a way for viewers to interact with the characters and their world even more, the show has additionally created toys, video games, and clothes.


In conclusion, Ninja Hattori is an interesting anime series that has gained a large fan following worldwide. It is a must-watch for viewers of all ages because of its charming characters, exciting adventures, and valuable life teachings.

Ninja Hattori has had an impact on the entertainment industry, from its modest beginnings as a manga to its ongoing success as an anime series.

Ninja Hattori continues to enthral and inspire viewers of all ages, whether it’s because of the exciting ninja tactics, lovely friendships, or the series’ enduring history.

So, Enter the world of Ninja Hattori to discover the adventure, laughter, and knowledge that this loved series has to offer.


Are there English dubbed versions of Ninja Hattori available?

Yes, Ninja Hattori has been dubbed in various languages, including English.

Can I watch Ninja Hattori online?

Yes, Ninja Hattori episodes are available for streaming online on various platforms. like, Disney, Netflix, Nickelodeon Channel.

Are there any plans for a live-action adaptation of Ninja Hattori?

There have been discussions about a potential live-action adaptation of Ninja Hattori, but as of now, no official announcements have been made.

Where can I find Ninja Hattori merchandise?

Ninja Hattori merchandise is available in various retail stores, both physical and online. You can check official website.

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