What Episode Does Naruto and kurama become friends ?

Naruto and Kurama become buddies in Naruto: Shippuden Episode #329, titled “Two-Man team.”

Naruto and Kurama’s relationship has evolved significantly over time. Because of the presence of a tailed beast within him, the young Jinchuriki had to endure throughout his youth.

The pain he endured, combined with Kurama’s sour demeanour, caused him to have a strained connection with the beast.

Their friendship grew over time as Nine-Tails became more aware of Naruto’s true intentions.

Furthermore, Naruto saw that Kurama isn’t just a dumb beast and comprehended his rage.

If you ask a Naruto fan what their favourite moment in the series is, they’ll most likely say when Naruto eventually befriends Kurama and opens the gate.

While Naruto is not the first jinchuriki to befriend the beast within them, befriending the Nine-Tails Fox Kurama is a significant achievement.

This is apparent due to the Kyuubi, the most powerful of all the tailed beasts, being the most unfriendly and difficult to deal with even among the other beasts. However, Naruto and his fabled “talk-no-Jutsu” accomplished something no other nine-tailed jinchuriki had ever done.

So, how did Naruto become friends with Kurama the Nine-Tails Fox? Continue reading to discover out.

What Episode Does Naruto and kurama become friends ?

Naruto and Kurama become buddies in Naruto: Shippuden Episode #329, titled “Two-Man team.

Despite the fact that the two have always been at odds, Naruto manages to tame the Nine-Tails fox in the fight with his strong determination and good intents. They’re as close as they’ve ever been, and they’re immensely powerful together.

During the fourth ninja war, the two sealed their relationship. Furthermore, Kurama is now willing to offer his Chakra.

How Did Naruto and Kurama Become Friends?

What Episode Does Naruto and kurama become friends

During the fourth Ninja battle, Naruto and Kurama officially became buddies. Their camaraderie grew through time, gradually fading their loathing for each other.

Their friendship began when Naruto was learning how to control Kurama’s Chakra. Naruto needed to acquire Kurama’s trust and overcome his animosity in order to achieve his aim.

Following that, their friendship grew even stronger, to the point where Naruto was able to entirely win over Kurama.

Except for Kurama, all of the tailed creatures were under Obito’s command during the fourth Ninja war. Naruto stated his resolve to befriend Kurama and free the tailed-beasts.

Is Kurama Naruto’s Best Friend?

Yes, Naruto’s best friend is Kurama. He is not the young shinobi’s sole close friend, but he is the only one who has observed all of Naruto’s sufferings.

They weren’t always close and harboured enormous hatred for one another.

Is Naruto Weak Without Kurama?

No, Naruto is not weak in the absence of Kurama. During some of his most terrifying confrontations, the young shinobi hasn’t always relied on Kurama for assistance.

Before he began actively using Kurama, Naruto accumulated a vast array of skills and abilities. Kurama’s chakra greatly increases his power. However, he can still do a lot of damage with just his own abilities.

Does Naruto Like Kurama?

Yes, Naruto has a strong affection and respect for Kurama. The young shinobi didn’t always enjoy Nine-Tails, but as he grew older, he came to appreciate the beast more and more.

During the war, Naruto grew to regard him as a best friend. Kurama also took on a more fatherly role in his life.

What Episode Does Naruto Fight Kurama?

What Episode Does Naruto and kurama become friends ?

Naruto battles Kurama in Naruto: Shippuden Episode #245, titled “The Next Challenge! Naruto vs. The Nine-Tails!!”. In the episode, Naruto enlists Killer Bee’s assistance to control Kurama, but things go wrong and they end up fighting one other.

Naruto is frequently confronted by Kurama owing to his animosity in his heart. This time, though, he mentally contacts Kurama and releases his seal using the key he obtained from Gerotora.

Kurama becomes enraged when he realises Killer Bee is controlling him with eight tails and strikes Naruto.

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