Who is Goku Black ? Hero or Villain.

Who is Goku Black : Well, Goku Black is one of the most fascinating and mysterious characters in the vast world of Dragon Ball.

This article goes deeper into the origins, powers, and significance of Goku Black, giving light on the complicated story of this deadly villain.

For anime fans, the Dragon Ball series is an iconic and loved franchise that takes up a special place in their hearts. It is an epic saga that mixes amazing action, beautiful animation, and engaging narration.

Dragon Ball hooks fans with its tremendous power-ups, awe-inspiring transformations, and unique characters.

The series not only has amazing energy blasts and jaw-dropping fighting, but it also covers themes of brotherhood, dedication, and the strong spirit of the human (and Saiyan) will.

So in this article We uncover the story of Goku Black and his impact on the Dragon Ball universe. The most important subjects we are going to discussed today are listed below.

Who is Goku Black?

Goku Black is a Dragon Ball character from the Dragon Ball Super storyline. He is an alternate Goku from a different timeline called as “Future Trunks‘ timeline” or “The Future.” Zamasu, a Kaioshin (Supreme Kai) a student from Universe 10, is revealed to be Goku Black’s true identity.

In his search of justice, Zamasu becomes disappointed with mortals and their aptitude for evil, causing him to decide that they should be destroyed.

Through a sequence of events, Zamasu manages to switch bodies with Goku using the Super Dragon Balls, gaining Goku’s great power and becoming Goku Black.

He then joins forces with “Future Zamasu,” an alternate version of Zamasu from another timeline, to carry out their plot to destroy humanity and establish a new world order.

Goku Black has Goku’s great fighting talents as well as Saiyan abilities, but his twisted philosophy and brutal attitude make him an overwhelming and complex character.

Goku Black’s Origins

Hey, did you know about Goku Black’s origins in the Dragon Ball series? In an alternate timeline, there’s this character named Zamasu, who was actually a Kaioshin apprentice from Universe 10.

Over time, Zamasu grows disillusioned with mortals and their capacity for evil. He becomes convinced that they need to be eliminated for the sake of justice.

So, using the powerful Super Dragon Balls, he manages to switch bodies with Goku, gaining all of Goku’s incredible powers and becoming Goku Black.

It’s a pretty intense storyline where Goku Black teams up with another version of Zamasu to carry out their plan of wiping out humanity and creating a new world order.

With Goku Black having Goku’s fighting skills and Saiyan abilities, it makes him a truly formidable and complex villain.

The Time-Ring and the Zero Mortals Plan

I came across some fascinating information about the Dragon Ball series! Have you heard about the Time-Ring and the Zero Mortals Plan? In the storyline, Goku Black, who is actually Zamasu in Goku’s body, possesses a unique accessory called the Time-Ring.

This ring allows him to travel across different timelines, wreaking havoc and spreading his twisted ideology. As part of his master plan, known as the Zero Mortals Plan, Goku Black joins forces with another version of Zamasu.

Together, they seek to eliminate all mortals from existence, believing that they are the source of evil in the universe. It’s an intense plotline that showcases the villainous duo’s determination to reshape the world according to their dark ideals.

With the Time-Ring in their possession, Goku Black and Zamasu’s power becomes even more formidable, making them a significant threat to our heroes.

Goku Black’s Transformation and Abilities

Who is Goku Black
Who is Goku Black

I’ve got some cool info about Goku Black’s transformation and abilities in the Dragon Ball series! So, Goku Black has this crazy power-up called Super Saiyan Rosé.

It’s like a fancy version of the Super Saiyan form, but with a different color scheme, featuring a pinkish hue. When Goku Black taps into this transformation, his strength and speed skyrocket, making him a fearsome opponent.

Along with his immense power, he can shoot energy blasts, teleport, and deliver devastating attacks. His signature move is the “Black Kamehameha,” a powerful energy wave that can obliterate anything in its path.

Goku Black is not to be taken lightly, as his transformation and abilities make him a formidable adversary that our heroes have to face in their epic battles.

The Impact of Goku Black on the Dragon Ball Universe

Guess what? Goku Black has made a huge impact on the Dragon Ball universe! When he was introduced in the series, he brought a whole new level of intensity and excitement.

His character and storyline added a thrilling twist to the Dragon Ball saga. Goku Black’s transformation, called Super Saiyan Rosé, became iconic and left fans in awe of his power.

His abilities, like the Black Kamehameha, showcased his strength and made him a formidable foe. Moreover, Goku Black’s presence had a ripple effect on the characters and their relationships.

It challenged Goku and his friends in ways they hadn’t experienced before. So, in a nutshell, Goku Black left a lasting impact on the Dragon Ball universe, bringing a new level of intensity, captivating fans, and leaving them eagerly anticipating each new episode or chapter.

Is Goku Black different from Goku?

Well, the answer is both YES and NO. Goku Black is actually an alternate version of Goku, but he’s not the same person. In the Dragon Ball series, Goku Black is the result of Zamasu, a Kaioshin apprentice, switching bodies with Goku.

So, Goku Black has Goku’s appearance and powers, but his personality and motivations are completely different. While Goku is a kind-hearted and honorable fighter who fights for justice, Goku Black is twisted and believes that mortals should be eliminated.

So, even though they share the same physical traits, Goku Black and Goku are two separate individuals with contrasting personalities and intentions.


Is Goku Black good or bad?

In the Dragon Ball series, Goku Black is unequivocally portrayed as a villain and antagonist. He is depicted as an evil entity with malicious intentions and a desire to eradicate mortals.

Why did Goku Black turn evil?

Goku Black’s transformation into an evil entity can be attributed to the influence and beliefs of Zamasu, the Supreme Kai of Universe 10.

Who defeated Goku Black?

In the Dragon Ball Super series, Goku Black is ultimately defeated by the combined efforts of several characters.

Who is strongest Goku or Black Goku?

The power dynamics between Goku and Goku Black are quite complex. At different points in the Dragon Ball Super series, one character may appear stronger than the other due to various transformations and power-ups.

Is Goku Black stronger than Jiren?

No, Goku Black is not stronger than Jiren. Jiren, also known as Jiren the Gray, is an immensely powerful character introduced in the Dragon Ball Super series during the Tournament of Power arc.


Goku Black is still one of the most interesting and puzzling characters in the Dragon Ball universe. He is a strong enemy with a complex set of motivations, due to his unusual blend of Goku’s physical strength and Zamasu’s philosophies.

Goku Black’s impact on the series is apparent, making him a memorable and powerful figure in Dragon Ball history as fans continue to delve into the depths of his character.

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