Who is The Girl in The Xfinity Mobile Commercial ?

Some commercials catch our focus in the most awful way, whether it’s a memorable jingle you can not get out of your head or a face that’s also acquainted however you can not place your finger on. That is Xfinity Mobile for you.

Often times, the people in these ads aren’t simply arbitrary people. Some firms have the ability to protect big celebrities or widely known individuals for their advertisements.

In some 2022 Xfinity Mobile commercials, customers have actually seen a lady that they have possibly seen prior to. So, who is she? It turns out that she’s been making music for over a years since she was a teen.

Who is the lady in the Xfinity Mobile commercial?

Rebecca Marie Gomez, aka Becky G, is the star of one of the current Xfinity Mobiles commercials. Although, if you weren’t sure, do not feel too bad.

Who is The Girl in The Xfinity Mobile Commercial ?
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Neither she nor the firm has uploaded regarding the collab on their social media, and also Xfinity Mobile hasn’t posted her ad to its YouTube network, numerous audiences who have actually semi-recognized her popular face are wondering the exact same thing.

More than a decade ago, Becky G’s songs job began to take off after she uploaded covers of popular songs online.

From there, her fanbase expanded and she’s had the ability to get numerous fans across social media. You might know her from hit tracks like “Shower,” “Can’t Quit Dance,” as well as “Becky From the Block.”

Although her music is her claim to fame, Becky G also has some acting credits to her name. She’s been in Power Rangers and played Valentina in Realm.

Along with some other small roles, she’s also an executive manufacturer as well as court on the 2022 television show Ending up being a Popstar, according to the show’s IMDb.

Is Becky G related to Selena Gomez?

Although both of these singers have the exact same last name, they aren’t associated– however they do have a few other points in common.

For one, both ladies are Mexican. According to the bio on her IMDb, all four of Becky’s grandparents are from Mexico, although both of her parents are born in the U.S.

On the other hand, Selena Gomez has one Mexican parent. Her papa, Ricardo Gomez is from Mexico, but her mommy, Mandy Teefey is Italian. Both apparently satisfied in high school however they are no more with each other and also have both remarried.

Other than this, both Selena and also Becky both have cosmetics lines. Selena launched Unusual Appeal in Septembr 2020. The brand name is all about promoting all-natural charm and being “comfy with on your own.”

In 2021, Becky introduced Treslúce Beauty. The brand was motivated by her culture. “My Mexican heritage was also quite an inspiration, as I wanted to highlight it in an extremely unique method– in addition to all the other beautiful Latinx cultures within our neighborhood,” she claimed in a meeting with Byrdie.

It’s obtained tons of brilliant as well as strong colors, which is extremely various from Selena’s brand name.

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